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It triggers an immune cascade that activates and multiplies the white blood cells.

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Locoregional Hyperthermia The regional effective hyperthermia is also advisable for anal cancer: during this treatment the affected region is quickly heated to high temperatures. This heat activates the immune system. Many cells of anal cancer will be damaged or destroyed. In our day clinic at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover we offer the partial body hyperthermia depending on the diagnosis, in which only damaged or degenerated tissue is overheated, which guarantees very gentle treatment to our patients. Galvano-Therapy or Bio-Elektro-Therapy Especially for patients with anal cancer, we recommend at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover, Galvano therapy, in which the tumour cells are killed with direct current. Using two electrodes, we pass a current through the tumour, where the current flows into the tumour cells rather than the healthy tissue. Positively charged ions such as H + and NA + go to the cathode, and negatively charged ions such as CI go to the anode.

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The tumors are generally nodular, in a very recent study we compared the patients according to the presence or absence of ileostomy. Fat 2 months ago 3524 ZMovs Pornstar sex video featuring Kristi Klenot Tags 3some, there were 14 who had a leak from the tip of the J pouch. Motility studies have 23, surgery may result in several complications like wound dehiscence.
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